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                ASTA is driven by its membership, which is represented by a board of directors comprised of members of the executive committee as well as all living past-presidents of the association, seven division chairs, five committee chairs and an ex-officio state & regional association representative.

                The executive committee is comprised of the association’s chairman, first vice chair and second vice chair; general counsel, three most recent past-chairs; three directors-at-large, regional vice presidents representing U.S. northeast, southeast, southern, central, north central, northwestern and western regions; and representatives to/from the Canadian Seed Trade Association and the Mexican Seed Trade Association.


                John Latham
                Latham Hi-Tech Seeds
                First Vice Chair
                Brad May
                Second Vice Chair
                Jim Schweigert
                Gro Alliance

                Regional Vice Presidents


                Crystal Rose-Fricker
                Pure Seed
                ??North Central
                John Romines
                WinField Solutions
                Dan Foor
                La Crosse Seed
                John Bozeman
                John Seymour
                Roundstone Seeds
                Coby Kriegshauser
                Scott Seed Co.
                Rick Falconer
                Rijk Zwaan
                ?Representative to CSTA
                Jim Schweigert
                Gro Alliance, LLC
                ?Representative from AMSAC
                Angel Saavedra
                CORTEVA Agriscience
                ? ?

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